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Delivery Policies

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In April 2020, Foodah has opened its marketplace platform to the public for Free! The deliveries will be handled by sellers themselves

However for targeted campaign products in a large scale, Foodah will prepare the deliveries, with the rate of RM1 / KM.

For available food stock, it will be delivered on the same day

For pre-order food in stock, it will be delivered on the next day (the fastest) or may take up to 1 week (for items that require production in large scale)

Delivery day and time is depending on the Seller’s product delivery availability. The system has listed in details for each product.

In general delivery, day range is daily, weekly, weekend, or only on certain days

The delivery time range is 11 pm-2 pm, 3 pm-6 pm, 7 pm-10 pm, during MCO/PKP the cut off time is 8 pm.

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